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Write a review about one of the books you’ve borrowed from one of the libraries!

You might want to think about these questions to help you:

What did you like about the book? Who was your favourite character? How are they similar / different to you? What surprised you about the plot? Who would you recommend it too? Why?

Post your review on one of the Library Blogs before Thursday 12th February.

Don’t forget to include your initials & class name!


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i will write a review about one of the books from the garden liabary


George Kranky – a mischievous small boy
Mr Killy Kranky – George’s farmer dad who wants to be very wealthy
Mrs Kranky – George’s mum, she has the best lines to say at the end of the book
Grandma – my favourite character – she is so rude to everybody!

The book is about a boy called George who makes a medicine for his grumpy grandma to drink with dramatic effects

Comedy; because the things that happened in the story would never happen in real life

The book is really hard to put down once you start reading it because you just have to find out what happens next.

The book made me and my mum laugh out loud!

I found the list of ingredients for the medicine that George made went on for too long and it would have been better if it was shorter.

The end part was really funny and had lots of humour in it. Mrs Kranky couldn’t find grandma because she had shrunk so small she had disappeared. To begin with Mrs Kranky was really upset but then she ended up not being bothered at all

Mrs Kranky “Ah well, I suppose it’s all for the best. She was a bit of a nuisance around the house, wasn’t she?”

Children between the ages of 7 and 10, the book would appeal to boys and girls

I really enjoyed this book, however, I have the collection of Roald Dahl books and this isn’t my favourite – I absolutely love ‘The BFG’ because of the funny language like ‘Snozzcumber’ which is a disgusting vegetable!


Nise one!

WOW FH! That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr stink is my favourite book because a girl called Chloe came and helped a poor stinky man with his dog duchess who lived on the streets and she let Mr stink live with her in the shed. They visited the prime minister Chloe found out that Mr stink was Lord Darlington.

There is a new boy in Elizabeth’s class,he’s miserable and grumpy and they are worst enemies but will they still be worst enemies later on in the story.She means to keep her temper but it’s really really not easy for someone who was once upon a time the naughtiest girl in the school…

Main character: Elizabeth Allen
My favorite character: Patrick
The other characters: Arabella Rosemary Julian +Rita William (head boy and girl)

My thought’s about the book: I think this book is very exciting book because whenever I read a tiny little bit it is so tempting to read more.I would suggest this book to people that like quite funny books.However if you like scary and sad stories then I would suggest you do not read this book,because you may find it quite boring. But people like me would be so tempted to read this book as there are 10 books.

Book Review of Pippi Longstocking
By Astrid Lindgren
Illustrated by Lauren Child

This book is about a red headed girl called Pippi and she is all alone in her house, because her father is king of the natives in Canny Canny island in the South Seas and her mother died when she was a tiny baby.

Pippi is the main character and she is my favourite character in the book. In the story, Pippi makes friends with two other children named Tommy and Annika. I like this book because Pippi and her friends do lots of awesome things. One time they went to the circus and Pippi got involved with everything in the circus. She was stronger than the world’s strongest man and better than the tightrope walker, which upset the ringmaster, but the audience loved her. I also liked it when Pippi made some burglars dance the Polka with her.

Pippi’s character is joyful, extraordinarily strong, funny and a good friend to Tommy and Annika. She never sees the bad in people. When she’s older she wants to be a pirate in Africa.

Pippi isn’t like me at all, because she is much stronger than me and she never cries, except when a shark didn’t get his diner!

The one thing that surprised me was when Pippi made friends with some burglars.

I would recommend this book to Amélie, because she likes books that make her laugh.

Year 3, Maple Tree .

My favourite book from in our school library is Charlie and the chocolate factory. My favourite part in the book is when charlie spends all of his money from his paper round job on wonka bars and charlie doesn’t win a golden ticket. Then one day Charlie finds some money on the floor and buys one last wonka bar and he wins a golden ticket. The reason why this is my favourite part is because it teaches you to never give up even when things seem impossible. I really like Charlie in this book because he reminds me of myself when I get set challenges at school I never give up until I have finished it. I would recommend this book to everyone because you should never give up.
Redwood Class

The worst witch and the wishing star by Jill Murphy.
My favourite character is Star.
Mildred Hubble was not one of the best flyers in the school but she was valiantly trying to keep her cat Tabby on the broomstick while others had put theirs in the basket as she returned to school for the new term on a wet soggy day.
On the first day of term Mildred see’s a shooting star and wishes for a dog; the next day while on lantern duty her wish comes true and she finds a dog and she names it Star. Star is Mildred’s secret and every day they practice tricks on her broomstick. Ethel tries to find out Mildred’s secret and it all ends in disaster.
I would recommend this book to KS2 girls because it is about friendships.
The surprise for me in the plot was Mildred’s wish came true very quickly. The character Star is different to me because he is a dog and I am a Human. I enjoyed all of the book.

Paddington abroad-by michael bond

The book had realy powerful word’s in it.
My favourite character in the book is miss bird because she was the most powerful porsen in the book.
My favourite character in the book is diffrent to me because she is a grownup .
paddington bear goes abroad on holiday and has trouble speeking their language.
I would recommend this book to children and my friend hollie.

The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom by Steve Smallman.

It is about a cheeky monkey who does some mischief with paint and gets a bright blue bottom for his punishment from the animals in the world quite new. I like the way they wrote the book because the writing rhymes. My favourite characters are the colourful birds because they are colourful. The birds are similar to me because I like colours as well. The animals are different to me because they are dull. The thing that surprised me was the bear painted the monkey’s bottom blue. I would recommend this to someone who is cheeky or someone who likes painting animals.

It is my favourite book because my mummy used to read this book to me when I was little and I was excited to read it when I could read.

RM Year 3 Redwood Class

The Magician’s Nephew by C.S.Lewis, the first book of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Characters- The main Characters are Digory and Polly. Others are Uncle Andrew, The witch, and Aslan.

Plot- Polly gets sent to a wood between the worlds by Digory’s Uncle Andrew as an experiment using yellow and green rings. He is a magician who dosn’t know much about magic. Polly makes it back and then she and Digory go to the other worlds through shallow pools in the wood and have adventures. On their first adventure, they meet a witch called Jadis, who the think is a queen. Jadis is wicked and wants to conquer our world, she ends up coming to London and causing lots of trouble. Digory and Polly have to work how to get her back to her world, when they get back to the wood between the world they accidently end up going to the pool and end up in the wrong world. They meet a lion called Aslan, who sings and brings a new land called Narnia into being.

My favorite part of the book was when Jadis fights with people at the lamp post outside Digory’s house in London. My Mum and I really laughed when we read about Uncle Andrew being planted upsidedown in Narnia by the animals because they thought he was a tree.

Why I liked this book- I think it is cool being able to travel to different worlds, and I like the way that things are left hanging at the end of the chapters, making it exciting to want to read the next chapter.

I would reccomend this book to people who like magic. I think it is suitable for any age and for both boys and girls.

My rating for this book is 10/10 and I cant wait to read the rest of the chronicles.

Review written by M.B Maple class

Introducing book and characters.
The book is called Patrick by Quentin Blake also illustrated by Quentin Blake.
The Characters: Patrick, Mr Onions, Kath and Mick, tramp, a tinker and his wife and some animals.
I recommend this book to boys and girls under 8 because the pictures are very colourful.
The genre: Fun and imaginative, it is fiction.
Main character: Patrick is a young man who likes to play a violin. He wears a green tall hat and a green jumper with yellowy brown trousers and bluey green pointy shoes.
Patrick goes to the market to buy a violin. Then he goes for a walk and plays magical music. The music makes things colourful and changes things: it makes fish colourful, Kath’s hairbands turn to big ribbons and Mick’s shoelaces turn to big bows. The trees leaves turn to yummy food. The birds feathers turn really colourful. The cows turn colourful as well. He meets a tramp and his clothes turn colourful and from his pipe he blows out fireworks! He also meets a tinker and his wife, and their cart and clothes turn colourful and the tinker who is poorly and is very thin gets fatter and better. The book end when they all get back to town before sunset.
Favourite part:
When the tramp blows out fireworks from his pipe because it looks really epic!

AJF Maple Class

The amazing Spider-Man
My favourite character was spider-man because he saves people. He’s good at fighting.
My favourite part is when Peter wrestled a wrestler and he won.(Crusher Hogan)
The most interesting part is when Peter got his super powers.
I would like to give this book to Louis because he likes x-men and spider-man.

Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats

The characters are …
Horrid Henry
Perfect Peter
Henry’s Mum and Dad
Rude Ralph
and Moody Margret ( Henry’s enemy)

The Author is Francesca Simon
and illustrated by Tony Ross

I like this book because it is really well presented and is a really good book to read! It is also really good because
it has really good vocabulary and punctuation. I think
the author has really taken care of this book because
it is really eye caching and the way she displays the
writing is astounding! The pictures are very colorful!
In the story Henry doesn’t want to take peter out trickle treating.

Maple class

February Book Review


I had this book for Christmas. It wasn’t on my list but I really wanted it anyway.

What is the name of the book?

The book that I chose to read was called, “Awful Auntie”. The author of the book is David Walliams. I have read most of his books and they are very funny and clever.

What happens in this book?

There’s an Auntie called Alberta, a girl called Stella, an ancient butler called Gibbon and Stella’s mother and father. Alberta is trying to find the deeds to Saxby Hall which is a big building and there is a secret ghost called Soot who gives Stella a bit of a helping hand when Alberta kills her parents. Soot is actually Alberta’s brother Herbert, who Alberta killed and he managed to help Stella. Alberta’s Great Bavarian Mountain Owl called Wagner is very mean and grabs people and pokes them. When Wagner hears that he is going to get stuffed, he helps Stella and Soot.

Why I enjoyed it?

I enjoyed the book very much because it was really funny. It was interesting and some of the characters had done silly things. I liked the pictures too because they were funny.

What was my favourite part?

The best bit was when Gibbon the ancient butler who is completely deaf and blind shook hands with a pot plant and said ‘bye bye Sergeant’ and he also said to Stella’s Dad ‘your breakfast Duchess’ and gave him some toasted slippers! Another funny bit I liked was when Gibbon was on a tray in the snow with fireworks on the back and blasted off and picked up Stella by accident and then he went straight into the gate.

Who was my favourite character and why?

I really liked Stella because she was so clever.

Who would I recommend this book to and why?

I would recommend this book to Raymond and Matthew because they would find it funny and they like David Walliams books but have not read this one.

I would give this book 10 out of 10!

Max’s New Friend

I liked the part where Max’s sister snored through both noses because it made me laugh. My favourite character was William because he used his imagination. I really surprised to see Monster family had four horns, three eyes, two noses, and one tail. I would really recommend this story to my friend Katy because she loves monster stories.

Maple class

Paddington by Michael Bond
Illustrated by R.W Alley

Having recently seen the film I decided to read the book again.
I found the book funny to read, it had me holding my sides from laughing so much!
Paddington is my favourite character in the book because he makes me laugh when he gets into mischief.
The Brown family are so caring and compassionate when they help Paddington when he is lost at the station, and they invite him to stay with them in their house.
Paddington is different to me because he is a male bear and I am a female human.
We are similar because we are both caring and thoughtful, or at least try to be!
I was surprised that the Brown family still let Paddington live at their home even after he flooded the bathroom.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Tom Gates Everything is Amazing (sort of)

By L.Pichon

Tom Gates is a very good drawer and is always getting up to mischife with Derec his best friend, and when his teacher isnt looking at him he likes to do a bit of doodling. In the book Tom tells us about what is going on in his life (its a bit like his diary)

This book is very funny, so funny it won the Roald Dahl funny prize in 2011.

Whilst reading the book you find out about Toms family and friends, his party that was at Dino Village they went on a 3D train and looked at dinosaurs, his homework, his best lessson which is art because he loves doodling and his worst lesson wihch is maths because he hates doing times table squares! and his favourite teachers. He also has 2 arch enemeys Marcus and Deilia he gets an unravoulate pen and draws I am a idiot labeling at there face it was soposed to be for Delia but he gives it to marcus at the disco to show he was a idiot.

I love this book it is like a comedy! I would recommend it to boys that are the same age as me if they like funny things because i think they would really like to see the funny pictures!

BOOK: Ollie by Irene Yates.
CHARACTERS: Tom, Zoe, Mum, Ben (dog), Ollie (dog) and the old man.

This story is about a brother and sister and their dog, who find a stray dog in the woods. They take him home and clean him up, they take him to the vets and look after him. They call him Ollie. A few weeks later they are taking both dogs for a walk when they go past some old people’s bungalow’s (because old people can’t climb stairs). An old man recognises Ollie and takes him inside the house. The children are a bit worried and go past the house a few days later, and get talking to the old man. It turns out the dog is his, he is called Kimmy and he is the old man’s only friend in the world. He had a fall at home, and Kimmy barked until someone came, then the old man went to hospital in an ambulance for a few weeks. When he came home, Kimmy was gone. The children offer to take Ollie-Kim for walks and they all become friends and the old man isn’t lonely any more.

I love this story because it was different from other books. I found it a bit of a mystery story because you never knew what would come next. It shocked me.

My favourite person was the old man because I loved his story, it made me feel worried then jolly. I love the way it was represented. I would recommend it to Evie, Cassady and Lily because they like mysteries and puppies.

Book Review of :The Moonstone Ring
Author : Daisy Meadows
Illustrated by : Georgie Ripper
The amount of chapters: Five chapters
The amount of pages: 59 pages

My favourite book is “The Moonstone Ring”.
I like this book because it intrigued me and it made me want to read more. It was interesting in addition, it was adventurous.
This book is about Tamara the tooth fairy getting her moonstone ring back. In the beginning, Kirsty is upset because tooth fairy (Tamara) doesn’t give her money for loosing her tooth but, that is because Tamara gets stuck in Kirsty’s pillow. Kirsty and Rachel normally meet faires, so this wasn’t a big suprise when they found out a fairy was stuck underneath Kirsty’s pillow. Kirsty and Rachel decide to help the fairy and manage to get her moonstone ring back from the horrible goblins.
My favourite character is Tamara the tooth fairy because she showed lots of courage to find her fragile moonstone ring. She had to defeat the goblins with a little help from Kirsty and Rachel.
Tamara is similar to me because she is compassionate by giving Kirsty an Endless coin at the end of the story.
Tamara is different to me because she doesn’t help Jake Frost whereas, I love helping people. Also, she is fairy and I am a human.
The part that surprised in the story was when Tamara still gave the goblins’ teeth, even though they were fake, she still helped the goblins’ who stole the moonstone ring of her.
I would recommend this book to one of my friends, Mbwemi because she likes fairy books and adventurous type of books. I think she would like this book because, she’s always taking about the Rainbow Magic series.

You should definitely read this book!

Year 3
Redwood class
(Garden Library)

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

It is about a little girl called Mildred, on her first week of term she crashed her broom-stick in half and bent her hat.
What I liked about the book was that it was full of mystery. My favourite in the book was Mildred. Mildred is different to me because she always gets in trouble, all the time she gets things wrong. I got surprised about Miss Cackle (head teacher), her sister wanted to turn the school into frogs. I would share it with Divya because she likes Scooby-Doo which is full of mystery and the worst witch has a lot of mystery too.

Yes, I would love to read this book and I do like “The Scooby-Doo show.

The book that I read is cald rapunzel’s royal wedding
It’s about the planning of a royal wedding. The people helping plan the wedding were some of rapunze’s old friend ‘s from the first part of the story (they were from a bar that’s were she made friends)oviosly she had to include max the horse and pascal the liserd to be the ring bsirs.Oh I forgot to tell you who rapunzel was maring she was maring Flynn.flynn asked rapunzel to marry him in a boat like the first time they saw the lights together . It was sweet and it had a bit of comady I loved it

Maple class

My favourite book is Layla the candyfloss fairy because its full of amazing characters and it has a fantastic glittery front cover. It is full of vivid details about the life of fairies, for example they can change humans into magical fairies and they have gorgeous wings that sparkle in the sun light .
The fairies are kind like me and they also were normal girly clothes like me. However they are different because they have beautiful wings and they can fly whereas I cannot. My favourite characters are Kirsty,Rachel and also Layla because they have perfect ideas to stop the goblins taking Layla’s special charm bracelet to the ice king jack frost. The green goblins surprised me because when I was reading I saw from the pictures in the book that they were wearing funny clown clothes . I would recommend this book to girls to read because I would think they would enjoy reading this funny fairy book .
CO Maple class

Roald Dahl
The Magic Finger
I liked the book because it was a fair story.I Think that the Gregg family deserved to learn that lesson about not hunting and killing innocent animals.

My favorite characters were William and Philip because their lives changed for one day .They tolerated the situation and helped Mr Gregg.

Philip and William didn’t mind shooting and killing animals and I do , because I like animals to live and get to their adult size.

What surprised me about the plot is that I didn’t know that people could have magic fingers to curse people.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes books with a good ending or with a moral.The Gregg family learnt the lesson and they will never again shoot animals just for fun.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

I liked this book because everyday there was a new adventure up the tree and there were exciting lands. One was called the land of goodies which had lots of candy. The children ate lots of sweets and became fat, especially Rick.

There was a fairy called Silky and she was my favourite character. She had silky hair which was bacon coloured with a short pony tail.

I was surprised by the funny characters. One was called Saucepan Man and he was covered in saucepans and kettles. Another was called Moon Face because he had a big, round face!

I would recommend this book to my friends at school because it is interesting and adventurous.

Titanic. I liked this book because it is a true story that happened a long time ago. The pictures were interesting. I am glad I wasn’t on the Titanic!

I liked the fact because on each adventure I was shocked about the different events that took place. My favourite character is saucepan man because he makes me laugh. Me and him are different because he is very noisy with his kettels and saucepans and he is half deaf so he says silly things instead of the real things and then he sounds confused. I was shocked that when saucepan man tried to ecscape from prison he had to leave the kettles and saucepans behind but he managed to get them back after a while. I would recommend this book because it is interesting. I would recommend this book for grown ups and children.

The Magic Faraway Tree

Everybody Feels Angry

This book is all about feelings sometimes you get upset all that maters is that any problem you will be able to solve the problem ,also if you’ve got a problem you care to share with a parent or teacher don’t bother yourself to solve the problem by yourself, try to find someone to talk to you and you will feel a lot calmer.

My favourite things about the book is that it is all about happy feelings and upset feeling. This book tells me how people get different feelings at different time, but it has taught me any situation you are in you will be able to solve if you are brave enough.

Well done Octokid!

diary of wimpy kid
greg heffely
roderick heffely
manny heffely
mrs heffely
mr heffely
this book is about a young ordinary boy called greg heffely and he gets blamed for damaging school property when it was an accident he tried to make posters but instead it rained and the marks from the poster board got put on the walls.and everyone is onto greg and rowels

JB Willow

The Ghost of Joseph Grey by Jon Blake

What’s it about?
Some school children discover there is a ghost on a picture in their class. They have to find out who it is.

What did I like about it?
It wasn’t too long. There were pictures and writing. I liked it because the story was a mystery and a little bit spooky until they found out who the ghost was.

Who was your favourite character?
The teacher Mr Roberts, because I felt a bit sorry for him because he was sad that he didn’t have a child.

What surprised me?
It was a surprise to me at the end when I found out who the ghost was!

Would I recommend this book?
Yes but I think it’s best for children between 6 and 8 years old. I think boys and girls could read it because there are boys and girls in the story.


ER Willow
Book Review

Fireworks in Fairyland
by Enid Blyton

I wrote this using a mind map. I am going to show it to Miss Lowe.

Caric ters:
– Work men
– Elves
– Queen

– The workmen like revenge and are very clever and cheeky.
– The elves are cheeky and do what the Queen tells them to.
– The Queen is firm and thinks everybody who does something cheeky should get a punishment.

I would recomend it to anyone who likes fairyland!

I liked it because it was magical and exciting!

Out of 5 stars I’d give it 4 ½ – 4 999
1000 !

This is an amazing book. I love Enid Blyton’s books.

Ronald the brave sheep
I liked that the mummy wolf didn’t eat Ronald and instead looked after him. Ronald was my favourite character because he didn’t do anything wrong. Ronald is similar to me because he is very bouncy who likes to climb trees. He is different to me because he likes getting dirty and stays warm but I don’t normally wear a coat. The story surprised me because it has got loads of sheep in it, that’s my favourite animal. I would recommend this book to Florence and Erin, I know they like sheep as as well, and it had got a happy ending because Ronald goes back to his friend the smallest wolf.

When Mum Turned into a Monster

I like this book because it seems like an ordinary day, but one phonecall changes everything especially Mum.

My favourite character was Mum because she starts out calm but with all of the jobs she has to do with no help she turns into a monster, just like my mummy does sometimes.

I had a surprise at the end when it was the posh cousins who were messing about at the table and something was happening to their mum.

I would recommend this story to anyone who likes funny stories as this one made me laugh out loud

EM (Holly Class) Year 2

MY BOOK: Charlie and the chocolate factory
MAIN CHARACTERS: Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka.
MY FAVOURITE PART: My favourite part was when Augustus Gloop got stuck up the pipe.
I liked the book because it was funny.
Willy Wonka is different to me because he is inventive, making lots of different flavours.
He is similar to me because he is funny.
The plot surprised me because Charlie was the poorest child in the competition and he won over all the other children

I would recommend it to my best friend because I think
he would really enjoy it.

diz and the big fat burglar

I liked diz and the big fat burglar because they had a very messy house, also the burglar was going to get arrested and the postman had to climb up a ladder to deliver the post. i thought it was funny. children in year 2 would like the book.

What i liked about the book was it was a poetry book and i love poetry. My favourite character of the book was the lady because of what she wore and that she was wearing leopard gloves, and hats and i love the skin of leopards. While i was looking at the book I was inspired by… the detailed drawings! I would recommend this book to my sister because she likes poetry!

My book is about Horrid Henry who goes to his aunts house and he has to sleep in the attic after his cousin locks him in there after telling him there’s a bed made of sweets. Inside are ghosts and he tries to not be afraid but he is as the ghosts put slime and spiders underneath the bed. The good thing about reading this is to be able to see if the house is really haunted. Horrid Henry hears noises and believes it could be. My favourite character is Horrid Henry’s cousin because he is very clever just like me in the way he gets Horrid henry into the attic. I would recommend this book to my friends.

Title: Mrs Frisby & the Rats of Nimh

What I liked: I liked the book because although it is quite a sad story it does have some parts that are happy, like when Mrs Frisby’s youngest son gets better. I also liked how Mr Ages,a wise old rat, helped this to happen.

Favourite Character: Mrs Frisby is my favourite character. She shows a lot of courage in seeking help for her family. She is a small field mouse and she goes to see the mysterious Rats of Nimh. Her actions also show her compassion for her family, as she is willing to do anything for them.

Similar/Different: I think that I am also compassionate but I am not as courageous as Mrs Frisby. I am also not a mouse

Cinder the Bubble-Blowing Dragon by Jessica Anderson.

What did you like about the book?
I liked when Cinder rescued the King from the fire by blowing bubbles out of his nostrils.

Who was your favourite character?
Cinder is my favourite character because he is a friendly dragon that blows bubbles not fire.

What surprised you about the plot?
That the king was going to replace Cinder with Blaze the fire breathing dragon.

Who would you recommend it too?
I would recommend it too my friends, especially Charlie who likes dragons.

Gulliver’s Travels
By Jonathan Swift

The book is about giants, wars, places and kings. Two of the places are Lilliput and Blefuscan. This story is about Gulliver going on adventures. There are three adventures that he went on and he wasn’t disappointed.

I liked it when Gulliver met the Houyhnhnms. When he met the Houyhnhnms he started learning Houyhnhn language.

Gulliver is my favorite character because he is an adventurous person. He went to Lilliput and discovered other places as well as Blefuscan.

Gulliver is more of a brave person than me. He goes to lots of different countries but I don’t. We are a little bit similar because we are both friendly. He is a lot more adventurous than me.

I would recommend it to people who like adventurous stories.

This book is called the mummy family find fame
My favourite character is called Tut because he always makes trouble is very funny.The thing that I like about the book is that they are mummies and that in the end they are famous. They’re different to me because they are mummies and they are made out of toilet paper and I am a human .The book is fun to read because they are being filmed and people are watching them. And they have to behave to get a lot of pocket money.If they win the competition and they do win the compition they get a cash prize and live happily ever after.
I would recommend my friends to read the book.

JD Redwood

Title: The Blackest Hole in Space
Author: Penny Little and Vincent Vigla

This book is full of fun space facts, my favourit fact is:

** Mars looks red hot but in fact it’s freezing desert.**

The book has got fun and colourful pictures.

The story is about a boy and his dog, who travel through space and ends up going through the black hole……… To find out more you have to read the book.

Great book – definitely recommended.

Book review: Trouble
Author: Lucy Horel

The characters are Kate ,Trouble ,Kate’s mum, Kate’s dad. For Kate’s birthday she got a kitten but she couldn’t name the kitten,that week the kitten was very naughty but no one could stop him so the little kitten carried on doing what he thought was right so it carried on , until Kate let the poor little kitten sleep in her room and he was perfet
then she found the perfect name Trouble.
I would recommend this book to Phoebe because it is adventures and it’s imagnative.

I liked it alot.

This book is called Pinoccho about a boy who’s nose grow’s
longer every time he lie’s.
My favourite part of the book was when the fairy chaned Pinoccho’s nose back to normal.
My favourite charicter was the boy who told him not to go to pleaser island.
I would recomend it to my aunty.

Dancing Shoes:Out of step
The reason I love this book is because its about ballet. My favourite character is Lou (Lou). I like Lou because she is the main character in the story so I know lots about her. My favourite part of the story was when ….. Lou had a big competition so she tried to practice in the night but she sprained her ankle so she could not dance. In the morning Her mum (Jenny) Came in and told Lou that she could not dance in the competition but she could watch. When they were at the competition Lou watched all of the dances but then they were giving out the trophies and Lou’s friend Emma got one! But then it was time to give out the Dancer of the Year trophy, then the dance teacher (Mrs Dillon) Said ” This dancer sadly culd not dance today but I can still give this trophy to them and that is…. Lucy Lumbart!” That was Lucy! She was very happy. THE END! That was my favourite part! I would recommend this Book to Elena because I know that she loves ballet too!

Sugar lump and the unicorn

I like this book because it’s so brilliant. The unicorn makes Sugarlumps wishes come true and changes him into different characters.
The unicorn has magical powers and she has a horn so is very different to me! I wish I was like a unicorn.

I think girls age 5-7 would like this book.

My book: Florence Nightingale is a story about the most famous nurse called the Lady with the Lamp. One hundred and fifty years ago in the days of Queen Victoria, Florence nursed the soldiers during the Crimean War when Britan, France and Turkey declared war on Russia.
My favourite part is when Florence was sent to Scutari in Turkey, a region in Black Sea to run a hospital for the soldiers. I was impressed about her dedication and compassion despite of the terrible conditions. Florence Nigthingale was born in a rich family but she dedicated her life to do good in the world.
I have enjoyed reading the book and I would recommend it to my sister and friends as Florence is an example of how one person can change everything.

Grumpy cat – by Britta Teckentrup

This book is about a cat that the other cats think that he is GRUMPY, but he is just lonely.
The story tells of how one night that all changes.
I really like this book because it reminds me of my own cat and her cat friends.

Oliver Moon and the potion commotion
Oliver is a young wizard at school who enters a competition for young wizard of the year.
I found the story funny because Oliver’s spells went wrong and his parents are not proper wizards. Oliver is my favourite character because he try’s so hard to make his parents be proper wizards to help him in the competition.
I would recommend this book to everyone but especially boys as the Wizards do disgusting things and eat horrible food but everyone would enjoy it as its funny and has good pictures.

Mary-Anne and the cat baby
By pat Thomson

I liked that the story had one cat because cats are cute and very fluffy. My favourite character is mary-Anne because she feels sorry for everyone even bullies and other people who have been bullied. She is similar to me in that she I likes cats, but not dogs! Also she is different to me as she can go out on her own and her mother has a baby. I was surprised by the plot because she felt sorry for Harry. I would recommend this book to people who like cats and babies because it’s about cats and babies.

Title: The Blackest Hole in space
Author:Penny Little and Vincent Vigla

Characters: Charlie a little boy and Doggo his dog

Plot:Charlie got a Telescope for his birthday because he really liked space. He knew every single planet. They make a rocket and Charlie and Doggo fly up to the blackest hole in space. They were explore space and tell you things about it.

What I liked most about the book: I really like how they had holes in the book you can look through.

Who I would recommend it to: Children who are older than 5 and like space books

Score out of 10: 9/10

book: mr stink
characters : chloe, mr stink,mrs crumb,mr crumb , annabelle,prime minister Rosamund.
main characters : mr stink+ chloe
comedy:The comedy about this book is that everyone else wouldn’t talk to mr stink except this one girl called chloe who talks to him.
ABOUT: This book is about this one girl called chloe and she talks to her local tramp but no one else would talk to him and his duchess so chloe finds out that he is a sweetheart . So chloe invites him to stay in their shed .Chloe really wants to find out about mr stinks past so she finds all these clues to his past . And thens finds out at the end that he was a lord his name was lord darlington and he was married to his lady called violet who died while he was at a night club.
review by mariya khan
redwood yr 3

i meant to write he was married to this lady called violet who died in a fire while was at a night club.

Review of The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt with pictures by Oliver Jefferers.
This book is about letters sent to a boy from his crayons.
I liked this book because the crayons had some funny parts.
My favourite character was the blue crayon because he was so short that he couldn’t see over the railings in the crayon box. I was surprised that two crayons were arguing over who was the colour of the sun,yellow and orange,because they both are.
I would recommend this book to a friend of mine called Archie because I think he would laugh as The Day the Crayons Quit is very funny.

I went to the university

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