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The magic farawey tree is my favourite book because it has adventures and fantastic people in the story and the pictures are briliant.
Joe is my favourite character because he is sensible and brave.

Joe is smarter than me and he has black hair.

so you should read it, it is really good.

February Book Review (by JDM, Maple Class, WFPS)


I had this book for Christmas. It wasn’t on my list but I really wanted it anyway.

What is the name of the book?

The book that I chose to read was called, “Awful Auntie”. The author of the book is David Walliams. I have read most of his books and they are very funny and clever.

What happens in this book?

There’s an Auntie called Alberta, a girl called Stella, an ancient butler called Gibbon and Stella’s mother and father. Alberta is trying to find the deeds to Saxby Hall which is a big building and there is a secret ghost called Soot who gives Stella a bit of a helping hand when Alberta kills her parents. Soot is actually Alberta’s brother Herbert, who Alberta killed and he managed to help Stella. Alberta’s Great Bavarian Mountain Owl called Wagner is very mean and grabs people and pokes them. When Wagner hears that he is going to get stuffed, he helps Stella and Soot.

Why I enjoyed it?

I enjoyed the book very much because it was really funny. It was interesting and some of the characters had done silly things. I liked the pictures too because they were funny.

What was my favourite part?

The best bit was when Gibbon the ancient butler who is completely deaf and blind shook hands with a pot plant and said ‘bye bye Sergeant’ and he also said to Stella’s Dad ‘your breakfast Duchess’ and gave him some toasted slippers! Another funny bit I liked was when Gibbon was on a tray in the snow with fireworks on the back and he blasted off and picked up Stella by accident and then he went straight into the gate.

Who was my favourite character and why?

I really liked Stella because she was so clever.

Who would I recommend this book to and why?

I would recommend this book to Raymond and Matthew because they would find it funny and they like David Walliams books but have not read this one.

I would give this book 10 out of 10!

My review is on a book called ‘Amy the Hedgehog Girl’

The book is about a girl called Amy who borrows a book from the library about hedgehogs so she can learn all about them.

The main characters are Amy and Mr Peck (he lives next door to Amy and also works at the library – he is not very nice)

The book is a fiction book

My favourite part was when Amy got her own back on miserable Mr Peck by donating all his money to a hedgehog charity.

My nanny (Narnoo) would like to read this book because her favourite wild animal is a hedgehog.

I enjoyed the book, because i liked Amy’s character and I also learnt that hedgehogs like eating dog food!

My score for this book is 9/10

Title – Perfect Peters Revenge
Author – Francesca Simon

I would recommend this book to my friends because it really made me laugh. Its a very funny story and will bring a smile to your face. The characters are all cheeky apart from perfect Peter who is always perfect.

Mr favourite part in the story was when Henry got everyone in the class in trouble with the head Miss Oddbod. He wrote a poem about Mrs Battle-Axe and signed everybodies name on it and posted it at school for everyone to see. The poem is very funny, here it is.
Oh Boudicca dear,
whenever your near,
I just want to cheer,
Oh big old teacher,
Your carrot nose is your best feature,
You are so sweet,
I would like to kiss your feet,
What a treat,
Even though they smell of meat,
Dear Miss Battle-Axe clear out your ear wax,
So you can hear me say,
No need to frown,
But your pants are falling down!

I see my character as being in the middle of perfect Peter and horrid Henry. I am perfect most of the time and sometimes cheeky. 🙂

I rate this book 10 out of 10 as it makes you feel happy!

Sugar lump and the unicorn

What I like about the story is that it is fun to read.
My favourite character is Sugar lump the horse because she is pretty and fun to ride.
The unicorn helps the horse to make her wishes come true by turning around seven times.

I think girls age 5-7 would like this book.

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